Artist Statement

My photography is the culmination of three major parts of myself: my love and appreciation of nature and the world around us, my visual acuity, and a strong interest in technology.

I became fascinated with photography at a very young age. I shot my first roll of film when I borrowed my parents Kodak Instamatic and took it to kindergarten – from there I never stopped shooting. Before I was done with primary school (6th grade) I was shooting my father’s 35mm SLR. In Junior High I had set up a make-shift darkroom in the bathroom and was printing my own black and white. In High School I started processing color slides and printing Cibachoromes (color prints from slide film). While in college I opened a rental darkroom store and studio. Where I shot professionally as a commercial and product photographer – my work has been seen in such places as the print advertising (such as the Wall Street Journal), trade journals and catalogs.

High school is where computers came into the picture. I have a real fascination with computer graphics and this eventually encouraged me to have a career in computers. Working in the computer field I managed to get published several times as a computer artist, game developer and desktop publisher. In those earlier years of personal computers I kept pursuing the idea of digital photography and played with many early attempts at digital imagery. Now that digital photography has truly come into its own and is offering the photographer tools and creative options that were never available prior, I have returned to my passion of photography.

This is where my love of nature and the outdoors comes in. Nature plays on my senses in a way that I can only use photography to explain. Without the ‘right’ image a photograph is only a limited two dimensional representation of a moment in time. Although, the ‘right’ image will inspire memories – spray on your face from a raging water fall, the sound of a crashing wave on a beach, the sensation of a gentle breeze cresting over you and the ridge you are traversing or the chill of early morning air on a winters morning – It is these memories that interact with the image to create a feeling that can take you to places you could never get in your living room, bedroom or office. If this occurs, the photographer has succeeded in capturing more than a mere representation; they have captured feelings. My goal is to capture images that inspire these feelings in you, the viewer, and will take you little mental journeys.

Mark Hammon