Places to license the use of Mark Hammon’s Photography

Mark Hammon currently uses 2 types of stock photography licensing systems:

Microstock – Microstock allows you to purchase a digital image for a low price for use in your project.  There are some limitations and you should review those on the site that you choose.  But for the most part, this is a very inexpensive way to use my photography for your project.

Royalty Free Images

My images on

Royalty Free and Rights Managed Stock Photography – For my more popular images (such as many of them on this web site or used in my fine art photography) you would need to use a Royalty Free or Rights Managed stock photography service to license these photographs.  These photographs are more expensive to license, but they are often my best work.  In the case of Rights Managed you must specify the usage and number of issues the photograph will be used for and price is calculated from that. I am currently between companies for Rights Managed Photography – please contact me directly about use of my images for publishing or commerical uses.