Mark Hammon often teaches classes about photography techniques, process, equipment and tools.  He teaches for a broad range of students including non-photographers, amateurs and advanced users.

As classes are scheduled they will be listed below.  If you are have any questions or interested in a specific class please contact Mark on the Contact Page.

Three Part Lightroom Class – Coming Soon

I am planning a three part Adobe Lightroom class for January and February of 2015 in Reno Nevada.  The class will be divided into three easy to digest section for the amateur digital photographer. Lightroom is one of the most powerful post production tools available to digital photographers, both amateur and pro, and these classes will help you get the most out of this software product.

Part 1: Using Lightroom to Manager your Photo Library – In this class we will focus on using Lightroom to organize, manage and find your images.  I will cover how to import your photos, where to put them on your computer, how to use folders, ratings,  keywords and collections to organize, edit and find your images.   We will also cover important issues about how to configure a computer for Lightroom and how to backup your photos to insure they are protected from crashes.  You will leave this class with a strong understanding of Lightroom’s Library module and a strategy for managing large photo libraries.  The class will be targeted to be 1 ½ hours.

Part 2: Lightroom Development Module – Unlike other image editing software, Lightroom is designed specifically for photographers and has a fantastic workflow as a result.  This class will cover development module and how best to use its tools to produce top quality images.  We will discuss how Lightroom uses the ‘Digital Negative’ workflow to protect your initial images as you process your photos.  We will go over how you can use Lightroom to process images in RAW format as easy as JPEG format so that you can take full advantage of what your camera can do.  We will further explore Lightroom’s organizational tools in combined with the development tools to show how to develop for multiple applications.  We will also take a look at the powerful combo of using Photoshop with Lightroom.   The class will be approximately 2 hours.

Part 3: Lightroom, The Rest – Lightroom is comprised of many powerful tools beyond the Library and Development modules, these tools allow photographers to show, present and use there photographs on the Internet, in presentations, and in print.  This class will cover the remaining modules in Lightroom including the Print Module, Web Module, Slideshow Module and the Book Module.  We will also have an in-depth discussion of file formats and export strategies for different end uses of your photographs.  This class will be approximately 2 hours.

By taking these three classes you will end up with a strong understanding of how to utilize Lightroom many modules to organize, process and output your images.  This will be a great foundation as you utilize this powerful software tool.

I will be scheduling these classes in the next few weeks.  If you are interested, please contact me through the contact page and let me know.  I will put your name on a list to be notified when the classes are scheduled.  I intend to do each part twice initially and have the parts 1 week apart.


Yosemite Falls by Full Moon
Yosemite Falls by Full Moon Night Photography