Travel and photography for me are one in the same, I can’t image traveling without a camera to put into pictures what I see.  Most of my travels are contained in the Western United Sates, but every so often I am afforded the opportunity to travel farther afield.


The Streaked Wall

While in Zion National Park on January 1st of 2005 I spotted these climbers on The Streaked Wall. I have done a little rock climbing in my day, but this big wall stuff takes a real driven person.


Traditional North American Teepee.  Illuminated by the full moon with a fire warning the inside.


South Rim of the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is an amazing place. I was struck by the way the evening light accented all of the detail in the canyon wall.   The trial in the lower part of the photo is the Angel Bright trail, once many years ago I used it to hike out of the Grand Canyon on a backpacking trip to the bottom.


Oak Alley Plantation

Three hundred years ago some unknown person planted two rows of oak trees leading away from the Mississippi River in Louisiana.  Later someone else came along and built the plantation house.  Now Oak Alley Plantation is one of the most picturesque plantation along the Mississippi.


Horseshoe Bend

We have been driving for most the day. Got picked up in Scottsdale and headed up, to Prescott. From there we drove to Page AZ. We got here late in the afternoon and made a snap decision to head to Horseshoe Bend with our last few hours of sunlight. It was a beautifully good decision. Horseshow Bend is a well photographed section of the Colorado River just downstream of the Lake Powel Dam.  The sun was setting and the colors were great.



This is one of the many roadside waterfalls that you drive by in and around Glacier National Park in Montana.