Lake Tahoe

Nevada is a state that I have grown to love over the years. I have lived in or close to Nevada for many years now and find myself more and more drawn to its unique and often misunderstood beauty. To the causal eye Nevada may appear deserts and shrub, but a more careful eye will see much hidden in the valleys, deserts and mountain ranges that cross this land.

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Edge of the Storm

This winter image of Lake Tahoe was taken from the East Shore, between Sand Harbor and Incline Village.  It was one of those spectacular mornings where the lake was like glass, yet a storm was heading onto the lake from the west shore.  This panoramic was created by taking eight individual shots and stitching them together.

East Side Sunset

A panoramic photo of the sunset from the East Side of Lake Tahoe.

East Shore Lake Tahoe

The East Shore of Lake Tahoe has a very dramatic look with its rocky shore line.  Much of the East Shore is contained in the Nevada State Park and as a result as easy access to many of the beautiful parts.  This photo was taken from a trail that follows the East Shore north of Sand Harbor.

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Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park

There is a nice trail that will take you along some of the most beautiful Lake Tahoe shore line the goes from Memorial Point to Sand Harbor through the Lake Tahoe State Park.  This is just one of many nice scenes from that trail.


Ready to Sail

A catamaran sits ready on a Tahoe Vista beach in the North Shore of Lake Tahoe.


Sunset at the East Shore of Lake Tahoe

One of Tahoe’s many beautiful sunsets taken from the east shore just north of Sand Harbor. 2008


Stars over Emerald Bay

Despite that fact that Emerald Bay is one of the most photographed parts of Lake Tahoe, that I have known that the shot is in the morning before the sun rises AND I live fairly close to it – It took me many years to finally drag myself out of bed early enough to get this shot.  There are several pull outs on the road that heads around the bay and many place to walk down to get good views.  This was taken right from the retainer wall on the highway.


Sand Harbor Pool

This little pool can be found out on the point at Sand Harbor, it takes a bit of exploring and some rock climbing skills, but once you find it will be worth it.