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This portfolio contains some of Mark Hammon’s most popular or favorite photographs from the last 15 years of photography the Western United States.  Mark has been selling his photography in galleries in the Reno Tahoe area and on-line for over a decade, many of these images have been collected in public and private collections throughout the area.


This Sand Hill Crane was in the pond behind my house one morning before the sun rose.

Truckee River Flume Ice

I hiked down to photograph one of the several flumes that follow the Truckee River through the canyon between Truckee and Verdi during deep winter.  After many very cold days the water that continually leaks out of the flume freezes into incredible icicles and ice sculptures.   For years I have driven by on my way up or down the hill and finally I decided to hike down and photograph them.  I choose to use HDR techniques to get the full range of detail in these shots.  In recent years the flumes have been rebuilt and do not leak as much, making this site less spectacular.

Highway 267 Rest Stop

This old outhouse sits along Highway 267 near Northstar, CA.  It was once used by the rangers that occupied the nearby cabin before this valley had roads.  The aspen all around this area are a big attraction to people driving over the pass to Lake Tahoe.

Reno Skyline

This is taken from the Holiday Inn on 6th Street.  The photograph was actually taken before the sun rose. When I went to take the photo I was expecting the casino lights to be on, but I did not realize the turn them off sometime during the night.  The resulting picture was probably better without them.

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Edge of the Storm

This winter image of Lake Tahoe was taken from the East Shore, between Sand Harbor and Incline Village.  It was one of those spectacular mornings where the lake was like glass, yet a storm was heading onto the lake from the west shore.  This panoramic was created by taking eight individual shots and stitching them together.

Cabin in Gold

This is an old Forest Service cabin that sits in a valley off of highway 267 near Northstar CA.

Redwood Path

This photograph was taken in the Founders Grove in Humboldt State Park in Northern California.  I find great energy in the Redwoods; it is a very special place.

Color on Rose

This photograph was taken in the early morning before the sunrise.  The cool morning colors and the striking color of the fall aspen trees make a great contrast.  This was taken right off of Mt. Rose Highway at the road for the Mt. Rose Slide Side ski area.  There is a huge grove of aspen along the highway in this area and most years it is a fantastic show for autumn.

Mesquite Dunes near Stove Pipe Wells - Death Valley

I really like the similarity of patterns in the photograph.  The patterns in the sand are like the dunes, which are like the foot hills, which are like the mountains.  Fractals in nature.  The yellow patch beyond the dunes is a bunch of wild flowers that goes for miles.  Death Valley can be amazing in the spring.

South Rim of the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is an amazing place. I was struck by the way the evening light accented all of the detail in the canyon wall.
The trial in the lower part of the photo is the Angel Bright trail, once many years ago I used it to hike out of the Grand Canyon on a backpacking trip to the bottom.


After a trip from the coast in 2005 I was driving through Davis CA and some of the fields to the south of the freeway were planted with Sunflowers.  I was unable to stop that trip, but the next week I got back to take this.

Fly Geysers at Sunset

I was fortunate enough to get access to the Fly Geysers in the Black Rock Desert in 2009.  Despite their image being an iconic image for Nevada, they are actually on private land. These geysers are actually man made, but after flowing for decades, they formed this Yellowstone like formation.  The beauty of these geysers is then accented by the surrounding beauty of the northern Black Rock Desert.

Winter Aspen on Mt. Rose

I think aspen are one of my favorite trees.  They are beautiful in all stages of their life.

Morning Light on Mt. Whitney

This photography was actually taken by the first light to fall on Mt. Whitney in 2010 – taken January 1st 2010 at about 8am.  The foreground is Alabama Hills (just outside the town of Lone Pine) used as a site for many old westerns and some new ones – have you seen Iron Man?  Mt. Whitney (the tallest peak in the contiguous United States) is actually the peak to the right in the clouds.  Lone Pine Peak (the peak on the left) appears taller, even though it is shorter by over 1,000’, because it is closer.

Tough Life, but with a View

Settlers cabin in the Bishop California area.  Cannot imagine what it was like to live there, but I can understand why they tried.

White Pelicans on Pyramid Lake

In spring the white pelican comes to Pyramid Lake (north of Reno NV) to nest on Anaho Island.  In 2011 I kayaked in the southern part of the lake, where the Truckee River feeds into the lake, and photographed the pelicans.  There were large groups that would be feeding and then would suddenly take off to fly were they thought the feeding was better.  I found that if I just drifted they really did not care how close I came.  I was photographing a small group that was feeding furiously and all of a sudden a larger group behind me took off, I was able to swing around and fire a handful of shots.