Nevada is now my home state, it is a state of wide open places, huge deserts and many mountain ranges.  Many write Nevada off as a waste land, but person with the right attitude will find a phenomenal amount of beauty in this state.  The longer I live in Reno the more I find myself being pulled out to the desert.

In the Face of the Storm

A Black-eyed Susan faces where the rising sun would be if it was not for the forthcoming storm. This was taken in the Smoke Creek Desert.

Reno Skyline

This is taken from the Holiday Inn on 6th Street.  The photograph was actually taken before the sun rose. When I went to take the photo I was expecting the casino lights to be on, but I did not realize the turn them off sometime during the night.  The resulting picture was probably better without them.

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No Hunting

A Golden Eagle obviously violating the law.  Taken in the Smoke Creek Desert just north of Pyramid Lake Nevada.

For Rent

On one of the back streets of Virginia City Nevada I found this appealing rental.  Tempting – What do you think?

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Virginia City Angel

Virginia City sits right in the heart of the old Comstock Silver Rush and prospered in the 1860s.  It is considered to be one of the oldest established communities in the state of Nevada.  The town is now a National Historic Landmark and is a lot of fun to visit, but one of the most interesting things in the town is actually the cemetery.  The cemetery is walking distance from the down town and has grave sites of many old settlers, minors and inhabitance of Virginia City.  This headstone is one of the many interesting and beautiful that can be found here.

Artist’s Lofts

The Artist’s Loft now occupy the old Riverside hotel that sits along the Truckee River in Reno Nevada.

Close Horizons

In the Winnemucca Ranch area north of Reno I saw this vision as I got out of my car to explore the area.  It was proposed to put tens of thousands of houses out in this ranch miles north of Reno.  Besides the fact that it is a beautiful Nevada valley, there is not infrastructure to support all those houses out there, putting a huge burden on Reno.  An artist friend of mine started a group to oppose the development and used art as a tool to do that.  This image was in one of the art shows to raise awareness and funds to fight for that.


Winnemucca Ranch Fence

This fence and background caught my eye as I was driving though the Winnemucca Ranch area north of Reno a few years ago.  It sill is feels iconic of the area.


Heart of Stone

A Reno Based Group that calls itself Voters for Sensible Growth has been putting on an annual art show in an effort to raise awareness and money to prevent the urban sprawl that has been happening in the Reno area. One area that the group has been fighting to save is the Winnemucca Ranch area that is between Reno and Pyramid Lake. Although, the area is Nevada high desert it is a beautiful area – the thousands of homes someone wanted to put out here would surly destroy it. Besides the fact there is not infrastructure (water, sewer, power, roads, schools, etc. etc. etc.).
I found this heart in the rock of a canyon on the west side of the valley that Winnemucca Ranch sites in while exploring for images for that show. ‘Heart of Stone’ was in the Voters for Sensible Growth art show in 2008.

Pattern and shape

I was on a project to take photographs for an upcoming art show and I was out in Winnemucca Ranch north of Reno Nevada.  I noticed this scene as I was climbing around on some rocks at the end of the day.  Patterns in Nature is always a great theme in a photograph, but I am always amazed and delighted when I see patterns in dissimilar things such as trees and clouds.  I was drawn the similarities in the shape and texture of these two things.


Chasing the Moon

Early in 2009 I was driving to a clients’ early in the morning and I saw the moon setting over Mt. Rose and thought it would make a nice photograph. By the time I was able to get off of 395 and find a spot with a view, the moon was already too close to the mountains, so I had the brilliant Idea I would drive up Geiger Grade on the other side of the valley in an attempt to get a better perspective. It is times like this that you realize exactly how fast the earth turns and how fast the moon is setting. I was flying up Geiger grade (a steep accent to Virginia City) I had to stop 3 times before I finally got this shot, at what was probably my last opportunity since the road starts to peak out not to much farther up.
And interesting note – you can see construction on the new Highway 395 road way and the impressive bridge they are building in the foreground. Last I saw that bridge is getting close to completion.

Ford Power

Hot August Night – Reno, NV

Hot August Nights

In the first week in August Hot Rods from around the country come to Reno Nevada to celebrate Hot August Nights.


These well carved aspen are up the dirt road on Thomas Creek outside Reno.

Fly Geysers Night

This is a rare night shot of the Fly Geysers, the iconic geyser formation on the north end of the Black Rock Desert in Nevada.

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Stone Mother

Stone Mother is a rock formation on the east side of Pyramid Lake.  The rock formation was named by the Paiute Indians that have live in this area.  The Mother sits with her basket looking out over the lake.

Clouds over Stone Mother

Another image of the rocks around Stone Mother

Milky Way over Tufa

This is an example of light painting – I used a flash to light the tufa rock in the foreground.

Three Ponds in Autumn

This property sits along a trail that is accessible from just behind my house.  This beautify landscaped property has ponds, fountains, bridges, beautiful trees, guest house, an assortment of water fowl and this incredible scene.   I am fortunate to be able to walk by it on a very regular basis and enjoy this view.

Hunter Creek Falls

This water fall is about 1 ½ hours into one of the best hikes that is accessible in Reno.  It is the Hunter Creek trail that starts from the upper part of Caughlin Ranch in Reno.  The trail starts just on the northwest side of Caughlin Ranch and within minutes you are in the Mt. Rose Wilderness Area.  You hike from the Reno high desert, into cottonwood, then aspen, through a scattering of lower elevation pines and on to a full on Tahoe forest.   The trail is moderate in difficulty but does require good hiking boots.  What makes this trail stand out is the beauty and diversity.   The High point, although not the end, is this wonderful waterfall.

Mt Rose

I took this from the ridge line south of Mt. Rose on a hike I took yesterday (Monday  1/10/11).  I used HDR effect to accentuate the clouds and the trees in the foreground.  As you probably have realized I love pattern and form.  Mt. Rose is one of the tallest peaks in the Reno Tahoe area rising 10,776’.  There is a really nice (and hard) hike to get to the top for some epic vies of Tahoe and the Reno area.


Color on Rose

This photograph was taken in the early morning before the sunrise.  The cool morning colors and the striking color of the fall aspen trees make a great contrast.  This was taken right off of Mt. Rose Highway at the road for the Mt. Rose Slide Side ski area.  There is a huge grove of aspen along the highway in this area and most years it is a fantastic show for autumn.