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Hot Spring Smoke Creek Desert

This hot spring was hidden behind some old ranch houses on the southwest side of the Smoke Creek Desert.  Recently someone burnt the ranch houses down making the spot a bit less secluded.

Moon over the Smoke Creek

Smoke Creek Desert in Northern Nevada.

In the Face of the Storm

A Black-eyed Susan faces where the rising sun would be if it was not for the forthcoming storm. This was taken in the Smoke Creek Desert.

Hunter Creek Falls

This water fall is about 1 ½ hours into one of the best hikes that is accessible in Reno.  It is the Hunter Creek trail that starts from the upper part of Caughlin Ranch in Reno.  The trail starts just on the northwest side of Caughlin Ranch and within minutes you are in the Mt. Rose Wilderness Area.  You hike from the Reno high desert, into cottonwood, then aspen, through a scattering of lower elevation pines and on to a full on Tahoe forest.   The trail is moderate in difficulty but does require good hiking boots.  What makes this trail stand out is the beauty and diversity.   The High point, although not the end, is this wonderful waterfall.