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Miller Lake

This is a small lake that sits off of the Rubicon Trail west of Lake Tahoe.  I love all the small alpine lakes that are throughout the Sierra.  It is nice that there is always enough of them so you can find some piece and quite by one.

Tough Life, but with a View

Settlers cabin in the Bishop California area.  Cannot imagine what it was like to live there, but I can understand why they tried.

Morning Light on Mt. Whitney

This photography was actually taken by the first light to fall on Mt. Whitney in 2010 – taken January 1st 2010 at about 8am.  The foreground is Alabama Hills (just outside the town of Lone Pine) used as a site for many old westerns and some new ones – have you seen Iron Man?  Mt. Whitney (the tallest peak in the contiguous United States) is actually the peak to the right in the clouds.  Lone Pine Peak (the peak on the left) appears taller, even though it is shorter by over 1,000’, because it is closer.