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Truckee River Flume Ice

I hiked down to photograph one of the several flumes that follow the Truckee River through the canyon between Truckee and Verdi during deep winter.  After many very cold days the water that continually leaks out of the flume freezes into incredible icicles and ice sculptures.   For years I have driven by on my way up or down the hill and finally I decided to hike down and photograph them.  I choose to use HDR techniques to get the full range of detail in these shots.  In recent years the flumes have been rebuilt and do not leak as much, making this site less spectacular.

Fly Geysers at Sunset

I was fortunate enough to get access to the Fly Geysers in the Black Rock Desert in 2009.  Despite their image being an iconic image for Nevada, they are actually on private land. These geysers are actually man made, but after flowing for decades, they formed this Yellowstone like formation.  The beauty of these geysers is then accented by the surrounding beauty of the northern Black Rock Desert.