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Lower Yosemite Falls

This is a classic shot of the lower Yosemite Falls taken from the bride.  The power of this falls is felt by the mist, wind and sound that is created as the water cascades off this final ledge as it enters Yosemite Valley.  There is enough force to push mist and wind down to where I am composing the shot, enough to make me have to wipe down the lens between shots.

Upper Yosemite Falls

The 1,430 foot drop end with a white spray of water that forms an infinite number of patterns and shapes as it hits the granite at the falls base.

Moonbow at Lower Yosemite Falls

In the spring, on a night with a full moon and a clear sky it is sometimes possible to see a moon bow in Lower Yosemite falls.  This one occurred in May of 2005.

Upper and Lower Yosemite falls by the Full Moon

This is a 30 second exposure of Yosemite falls by the full moon taken in May of 2005.

Dogwood over the Merced

Of the many flowers the bloom on Yosemite in the spring, the dogwoods get a lot of attention. These white blossoms on the green trees have an elegant beauty.  These where hanging down over the Merced River in Yosemite Valley.

Glacier Point – Yosemite

Iconic Half Dome dominates this panoramic taken from Glacier Point in the famous Yosemite National Park.  You can also see how granite the vast landscape of the Yosemite backcountry and how the landscape has been formed over the centuries.