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Virginia City Angel

Virginia City sits right in the heart of the old Comstock Silver Rush and prospered in the 1860s.  It is considered to be one of the oldest established communities in the state of Nevada.  The town is now a National Historic Landmark and is a lot of fun to visit, but one of the most interesting things in the town is actually the cemetery.  The cemetery is walking distance from the down town and has grave sites of many old settlers, minors and inhabitance of Virginia City.  This headstone is one of the many interesting and beautiful that can be found here.

Old School House

This old school house is on the coast off of Highway 1 north of Mendocino CA.  It is set off the road a ways and I actually pasted it and had to turn around to take the picture.  I sure is a reminder of simpler times.

The Backstreets of Virginia City

While wondering around in Virginia City last weekend I shot this of the back of one of the main buildings on Main Street.  I am guessing that is what Virginia City looks like underground too.

An Old Window

This house sits in a field in Verdi Nevada out past the Cabelas. The field all around the house has been leveled and it appears that there are plans to build – I get the idea this old house will be the next to be leveled, so I am glad I got out and photographed it before it was.
As I was processing this picture and looking at this window, I was thinking about the person who built this house. I wonder if it was the owner. I was looking at the window frame and imaging the person putting it together. I know when I am building something I am usually think about it complete, finished and being used. But I am sure I never think about it after I am done with it, what is going to become of it when I am gone.

Fuel Up

Bodie is an old mining ghost town in the eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains.  Having been made a State Park, it is one of the best preserved ghost towns I have ever seen, with many building and their content preserved.  It is a major attraction to history fans, photographers and lovers of the old west.  This old Dodge truck is parked in front of a filling station that dates back to the early 20th century.