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Chasing the Moon

Early in 2009 I was driving to a clients’ early in the morning and I saw the moon setting over Mt. Rose and thought it would make a nice photograph. By the time I was able to get off of 395 and find a spot with a view, the moon was already too close to the mountains, so I had the brilliant Idea I would drive up Geiger Grade on the other side of the valley in an attempt to get a better perspective. It is times like this that you realize exactly how fast the earth turns and how fast the moon is setting. I was flying up Geiger grade (a steep accent to Virginia City) I had to stop 3 times before I finally got this shot, at what was probably my last opportunity since the road starts to peak out not to much farther up.
And interesting note – you can see construction on the new Highway 395 road way and the impressive bridge they are building in the foreground. Last I saw that bridge is getting close to completion.

Moonbow at Lower Yosemite Falls

In the spring, on a night with a full moon and a clear sky it is sometimes possible to see a moon bow in Lower Yosemite falls.  This one occurred in May of 2005.

Upper and Lower Yosemite falls by the Full Moon

This is a 30 second exposure of Yosemite falls by the full moon taken in May of 2005.