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South Tahoe Snags

On the California side of South Shore Lake Tahoe there is an area where something had killed a large grove of phone.  The bleached wood and bright snow make for a great contrast with the clear high altitude skis of Lake Tahoe.

Avalanche Lake

The mountains that ring the south end of Avalanche Lake obviously suffer from the event for which this lake was named for.  The remains of hundreds of trees that were victims of those avalanches cover the north end of the lake.  But in early winter the lake is a peaceful place to watch to weather pass over the ridge line.  This lake is in the west side of Glacier National Park in Montana.

Highway 267 Rest Stop

This old outhouse sits along Highway 267 near Northstar, CA.  It was once used by the rangers that occupied the nearby cabin before this valley had roads.  The aspen all around this area are a big attraction to people driving over the pass to Lake Tahoe.

Chasing the Moon

Early in 2009 I was driving to a clients’ early in the morning and I saw the moon setting over Mt. Rose and thought it would make a nice photograph. By the time I was able to get off of 395 and find a spot with a view, the moon was already too close to the mountains, so I had the brilliant Idea I would drive up Geiger Grade on the other side of the valley in an attempt to get a better perspective. It is times like this that you realize exactly how fast the earth turns and how fast the moon is setting. I was flying up Geiger grade (a steep accent to Virginia City) I had to stop 3 times before I finally got this shot, at what was probably my last opportunity since the road starts to peak out not to much farther up.
And interesting note – you can see construction on the new Highway 395 road way and the impressive bridge they are building in the foreground. Last I saw that bridge is getting close to completion.

First Light on Donner

Donner Lake CA taken from Rainbow Bridge on Highway Old 40.

Morning Light on Mt. Whitney

This photography was actually taken by the first light to fall on Mt. Whitney in 2010 – taken January 1st 2010 at about 8am.  The foreground is Alabama Hills (just outside the town of Lone Pine) used as a site for many old westerns and some new ones – have you seen Iron Man?  Mt. Whitney (the tallest peak in the contiguous United States) is actually the peak to the right in the clouds.  Lone Pine Peak (the peak on the left) appears taller, even though it is shorter by over 1,000’, because it is closer.

The Final Fall Color

This old Forest Service cabin sits near North Star Ski Resort and I pass it often on the way to Lake Tahoe.  I have enjoyed seeing it thought many seasons it and the grove of aspen change throughout the year.