The Sierra

The Sierra Nevada, Ansel Adam’s and John Muir’s Range of Light, has drawn many photographers to its peaks and canyons, and I am not exception.  This long mountain range that contains such splendors as Lake Tahoe and Yosemite National Park is a true treasure.  I am an unworthy photographer in the face if its grandeur, but here are some of my attempts to capture this regions awe inspiring beauty.

Moonbow at Lower Yosemite Falls

In the spring, on a night with a full moon and a clear sky it is sometimes possible to see a moon bow in Lower Yosemite falls.  This one occurred in May of 2005.

Upper and Lower Yosemite falls by the Full Moon

This is a 30 second exposure of Yosemite falls by the full moon taken in May of 2005.

First Light on Donner

Donner Lake CA taken from Rainbow Bridge on Highway Old 40.

Dogwood over the Merced

Of the many flowers the bloom on Yosemite in the spring, the dogwoods get a lot of attention. These white blossoms on the green trees have an elegant beauty.  These where hanging down over the Merced River in Yosemite Valley.

Old Snag in Olympic Valley

The Sierra produces some of the most interesting cloud formations.  This old snag on the Shirley Lakes Trail in Olympic Valley stand in contrast to the flowing clouds above.

keywords: B&W Black and White pine cloud

Fire Burnt

This stump stands along a fire road above Hope Valley South of Lake Tahoe.  The scare shows the results of an old fire that probably killed the tree.

keywords: B&W Black and White stump

Sunset at the East Shore of Lake Tahoe

One of Tahoe’s many beautiful sunsets taken from the east shore just north of Sand Harbor. 2008

keywords: Lake Tahoe Nevada sunset

Morning Light on Mt. Whitney

This photography was actually taken by the first light to fall on Mt. Whitney in 2010 – taken January 1st 2010 at about 8am.  The foreground is Alabama Hills (just outside the town of Lone Pine) used as a site for many old westerns and some new ones – have you seen Iron Man?  Mt. Whitney (the tallest peak in the contiguous United States) is actually the peak to the right in the clouds.  Lone Pine Peak (the peak on the left) appears taller, even though it is shorter by over 1,000’, because it is closer.

Morning at Emerald Bay

Emerald Bay is probably one of the most photographed places at Lake Tahoe.  The accessible vantage point and amazing view make for this color portrait of this amazing place.